Friday, May 19, 2017

My Vision (Gratitude) Board

Today, I did something that has been on my {non-priority} to do list for a while and it was a surprisingly moving experience.

Have you heard of a Vision Board? According to Jack Canfield, Vision Boards are "inspirational collages which serve as your image of the future - a tangible example, idea or presentation of where you are going." Your Vision Board "should represent your dreams, your goals and your ideal life."

This popular concept has been presented to me many times, especially since I started being my own boss and took responsibility for personal development. This year, I joined an accountability Facebook group for Close To My Heart consultants who have a goal to become a director by the en of 2017. One of the first assignments we were given was to make a Vision Board. Mentally, I have struggled with how to approach this assignment for several reasons.

First, it has always seemed like a fluffy exercise and not really necessary for the goal setting process --- I'm more of a spreadsheets and list kinda girl. I'll be honest, I feel pretty intimidated when I see Pinterest-worthy vision boards. Also because I was brought up to believe in contentment and making the best of circumstances, I've felt like focusing so much on {material} dreams makes someone ungrateful.

Today, I decided those excuses really don't make sense and it was time to give it a try.

So I quit Googling and Pinteresting beautiful boards. Instead I cleared off a bulletin board in my office and worked through Jack Canfield's 6 simple steps for creating a vision board. It turned out to be a great experience. Although I thought I knew what my goals were, working through them visually really helped me process why I wanted to achieve them. Also, I realized my goals are very tied to where I am which gave me a deep sense of gratitude. Instead of making me feel like I have a long way to go, it made me realize that I am on a path and LIFE IS GOOD, NOW!

My board is focused on four areas of my life: Experiences, Memory Keeping, Achievement and Family.


My husband and I love to travel. We like to see new things and also just like the experience of walking, talking and absorbing our surroundings. When I think of vacation, I dream of long walks on the beach, hiking through trees, tasting new flavors and meeting new people. I experienced this most recently on the Close To My Heart trip to Puerto Vallarto and I'm working on earning the trip to Thailand in 2018.

The cluster of images in the top left corner of my Vision Board remind me how my business supports our adventures. My business also supports our non-CTMH travel and other extras, so I've included a travel savings jar.

Memory Keeping

I've always loved pictures. I love seeing how people and places changes (and sometimes stay the same). I love looking at pictures of events and recalling how the experience felt. I love learning about my heritage and knowing what my great-great grandpa looked like. I love seeing how characteristics have carried down through the generations.

This corner reminds me how important it is to record today's events. One of my goals is to take the time to keep up with my personal scrapbooks. In addition to the memory keeping side of scrapbooking, I also get joy from the creative process so I've tucked a few pieces of scrapbook paper into this collage. It also reminds me that my first goal when I joined Close To My Heart was to pay for my habit. I find myself taking for granted the access I have to the most beautiful scrapbooking supplies.


The images in the top right corner represent the satisfaction I receive from a job well done. I want to wake up energized for the work planned for the day and go to bed feeling accomplished. It reminds me that success is in the little things. It also represents the people who are part of my business: customers, team members and consultants who have become dear friends.

The flower name badge on the right reminds me of the people I have met though my business. Sitting down and creating with someone gives you a unique opportunity to get to know them -- I love that about this job! The teal heart dangle is a reward we get when a new team member reaches certain sales goals in their first few weeks. It is here to remind me to invest others. The picture of the director's chair represents all the perks that come with achieving director status at Close To My Heart.


The last corner focuses on my family and my role in the home. A few years ago, I made a choice to leave a successful job to focus more on home life. It was a difficult decision but the pay out has been great. Of course, I can paint it as a sacrifice, and in many ways it was, but my life is so much better with a slower pace where I have the ability to enjoy the little joys of life.

As I look at the picture of my family, I'm reminded how important it is to make them a priority. Today was the last day of my daughter's junior year, so college really is just ahead. The sign reminds me that I don't want to miss a moment of this season of our life.

My Gratitude Board

I was not expecting this experience to change my goals or how I feel about them. In fact, I expected that it would make them feel distant and make me feel unsatisfied with my current life. I found the opposite to be true. As I pulled together these pieces of my "ideal" life,  I was overwhelmed with gratitude. I realized that I am living my dream. Although I have goals and hopes for the future, I am on a path that will logically lead to where I want to be. This gave me a deep sense of peace.

What about you?

Have you made a Vision Board? What was your experience like? Tell me about it in the comments. I'd love to see yours, so please post a link so I can check it out.

5 Retiring Items you DON'T want to MISS out on!

This month we just introduced a new Seasonal Expressions Idea Book that contains lots of summer crafty goodies in fun themes like UNICORNS, LUMBERJACKS, CACTUS and BEACH. This book will be around for four months, then we'll switch to a brand new Holiday Expressions catalog.

In addition to these seasonal books, our catalog cycle includes an Annual Inspirations Idea Book that is live from August through the following July.

This means that the current annual book will be retiring on July 31. Recently, Close To My Heart announced which items will be retiring from this book and now all of these items are available only while supplies last. This means that once the current inventory runs out, they are GONE FOREVER!

View all remaining retiring items>>

While I was expecting the Fundamentals line of products (paper, complements & ribbons) to be refreshed for the new year, there were some sad surprises for me on the list.

1.  How To Books 

The five original (big) spiral bound "How To" books are retiring! I LOVE these books and am glad that I'll still my copies on my shelf.

In addition to complete layout and card directions (from cutting to assembly), these full-color books are filled with tips and techniques to make your projects extra special.

There are two card making books, Wishes and Originals. And four scrapbooking books, Magic, Imagine, Cherish and Reflections.

2. State Stamps

These M-sized state stamps are a bargain at just $2.95 each and include the shape, full name and abbreviation of each state. Did you know we also have stamps for the Canadian provinces, Australia and New Zealand? Get them before they go!

3. Sea Glass Everything!

True to its title "Color of the Year" Sea Glass is going to retire after just one year. This light teal blue (or is it green) has been featured in many of our products this year -- it's amazing how well it coordinates with just about everything!

But like all good things, Sea Glass is coming to an end. You will find glitter paper, solid cardstock and inks on the Going Soon list.

4. Ruler and Stitch Guide

I hate it when some of my go-to products are retired.

For example, our clear ruler 14" ruler is going away! I use this ALL THE TIME and trust me, you don't want to miss your chance to own one. This ruler (along with my Versamat) is the reason things on my layouts line up properly. This ruler works so well for two reasons: it's clear and it's longer than 12". Other rulers just don't do the trick.

The Stitch Guide and Foam Mat are also retiring! This mighty combo allows you to create great dotted designs. I am really not happy to see these items go!

5. Artbooking Cricut Collection

I saved the best for last. My absolute FAVORITE Cricut cartridge, Artbooking, is retiring. When this collection was released a few years it was cutting edge with a whole new concept for creating layouts and mini-albums.

For the first time, we could create a complete project without changing the size setting. This cartridge taught us all the importance of the "Real Dial Size" button!

If you own a Cricut machine --- any kind ---- you HAVE to have this cartridge.

In this post, I've touched on just a few of the items that are retiring. There is so much more!!! All of these items are conveniently located under the "Going Soon!" section of my website. Although the official retirement date is not until July 31, these items have already started disappearing as supplies run out. So check it out and get your order in before it is too late.

May Specials

Before you check out, be sure to check out the other May specials including the exclusive Live Beautifully line and the Stamp of the Month.