Sunday, April 24, 2016

One week left to get Life in Pictures

Just a quick reminder today, the end of the week is also the end of the month. So that means that you just have a few days to get this month's Stamp of the Month, Life in Pictures. This is one of my favorite stamps we have offered under this program ever.

There is so much to love about this stamp set including the vintage cameras, the "Polaroid" style frame and lots of great sayings. Lots of styles of cameras are included with detailed drawings.

As a Stamp of the Month set, these stamps are only available during April. You can buy the set at full price or add it to your order of $50 or more for just $5! That's over 70% off.

Cameras are a common theme on my scrapbook pages so it will be easy to incorporate this set into my pages. Here's an example of a layout with a few of the cameras, the frame and a few of the sayings.

The images and words on this set will also be a great addition to your mini-albums.

I've even seen some pretty cute cards using the set. The important thing to make sure you don't miss out --- place your order today!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Baby, I'm Worth It! April Special starts Friday, but act today for BONUS!

Have you ever tried to explain something so big that you don't know where to start? I am so there right now!

There is so much to say about our April Special that I'm struggling with how to tell you all about it! 

***Before I begin, just a heads up that there is a Limited Time Offer at the end of this post. Be sure to read about the action you must make by the end of day tomorrow to get a special bonus.***

Because it is bigger than what I can cover in one post, the information below will provide the basics of our new consultant program and the special deal for joining in April. Click on the "learn more" links to get all details. As always, feel free to email me with any questions you have.


First, the consultant kit is being revamped starting in April with a significantly lower price tag and more flexibility. (How does $75 for a kit that includes $50 in product credit sound?) Did I mention that you can use that credit to buy brand new products that customers can't buy until May?
Learn more>>


Second, when you join in April, our already generous fast start program will include the opportunity for you to earn your choice of $100 in additional product credit or a free Cricut bundle!
Learn more>>


Finally, I'm adding two special incentives.

#1 - Let me know via email by midnight tomorrow (Thursday, 3/31) that you plan to join my team, the Treasure Keepers in April and I'll send you the NEW Magical paper pack pictured below when you join!

#2 - Meet all of the Straight To The Top targets and I'll send you a Shoulder Tote!

***Remember to get the bonus paper pack, you must contact me before tomorrow night at midnight. Everything else outlined above is available throughout the month of  April. ***

This offer is universal to anyone who loves creative products and/or would like to earn an income. Close To My Heart consultants come in many shapes and sizes including:
  1. The Business Builder who leads gatherings, crops and classes to earn a full time income.
  2. The Part-Timer who works a few hours each week or month to cover the cost of her personal supplies and earn a little spending money.
  3. The Hobbyist who meets the low quarterly minimums through her own purchases and maybe a friend or two.
There are many other options between these definitions. You can learn more by watching these videos on my website. I'd love to chat with you about how Close To My Heart would fit your life! Email me>>


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