Hope for Japan

My mind can not begin to understand the magnitude of the destruction in Japan. Today, about 264,000 people remain in shelters and many don't know when they will be able to return to their homes. People are not only relying on the government and relief organizations for housing, but also for food, water, medicine, clothing and other personal needs. Many of these people are still reeling from the loss of friends and family members. Reading about the suffering leaves me with a sense of helplessness.

Most of you are probably aware of work that is done by the American Red Cross when tragedy strikes. The Japanese earthquake and tsunami is no exception. You can visit the American Red Cross website to read about the work they have been involved in since the March 11 tragedy.

I am proud to announce the Close To My Heart has provided a way that you can participate in these efforts. The "Hope for Japan" stamp set will be available through April 30 for just $5. Close To My Heart will be donating 100% of the profits to the American Red Cross to benefit relief efforts in Japan. 

Just drop me an email if you would like to order this set. UPDATE - This stamp set is now available and the item number is A1118. You can still email me to order or shop online.

Please visit the American Red Cross website if you would like to  make a personal donation. Together we can make a difference in the lives of the people of this nation who have suffered so much over the last couple weeks.