Father's Day Shirt & Tie Card

According to Wikipedia, the first Father's Day celebration was June 19, 1910 in Spokane, WA. This year Father's Day is once again on June 19 and the celebration has spread across the country and even around the world.

Did you know that if all the ties that have been given as gifts over the last 101 years of Father's Days were tied together, they would form a rope that goes to the moon and back over 35 times? (OK, That is not true. I just made that up).

Today, not all fathers wear ties and it has become somewhat of a joke to give ties as a gift. However, even if the father you are celebrating wouldn't appreciate the real thing, he will certainly like this paper version made by hand. We are making this Father's Day card at today's Creative Workshop. Read on to see how to make one for yourself.

For the shirt, cut a piece of paper 11" x 4.25" and fold in half to make a 5.5" x 4.25" card which opens from the bottom (fold at top). From a different print, cut out a tie. My tie started as a 3" x 1/2" rectangle. Then I cut a point at the bottom and tapered the sides toward the top.

About 3/4" from the fold at the top of the card, cut a slit in each side about 1" long to separate the collar from the body of the shirt. Fold these toward the center and slightly downward to make the collar. Slip the top of the tie between the two collars. Fasten each collar down by putting a mini brad through all layers.

The emblem on the shirt is a 1" circle stamped to say Happy Father's Day (from Tag the Occasion stamp set). I find it easiest to stamp first then punch. By turning the punch upside down, you can make sure the stamped image is properly aligned within the punch.

Since I used a lighter weight paper, I lined the inside of the card with a 4" square of cardstock to make it sturdier. This also provides a nice place for additional stamping or a personal message.

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Tag the Occasion My Acrylix Stamp Set