Cricut Organization: Art Philosophy Navigation

Today, I'm continuing my Tuesday Cricut Organization series with some navigational hints for the Art Philosophy cartridge. First of all, a big thanks to my fellow blogger and Close To My Heart consultant, Lalia, who gave me a great key to unlock navigation on the CTMH Art Philosophy cartridge. (Here blog is if you want to check it out).

If you have read my earlier posts, you know that I have done away with the spiral handbooks that come with the cartridges. Instead, I've printed them on letter-sized paper and put them in a binder. (Here's a link to the post discussing how to do this).

However, the Art Philophy handbook is not available as a pdf. Instead, Close To My Heart issued a Shape Index. It is available on under Ideas & Inspiration/Cricut or by clicking here.

The first page of this document contains the base shapes available on the cartridge. These are the images that are printed on the keyboard overlay. The images in grey are available using the shift key.

Each of the remaining six pages show the shapes available using the special feature keys on the left side of the Cricut keyboard: Layer, Decorative Layer, Tag, Card, Font and Font Layer. Each of these pages is also arranged in the order the keys appear on the keyboard overlay.

Now, let's go back to page one (shown below). There is a pattern to how the shapes are arranged on the keyboard overlay. Take a good look at the black shapes in each column. Do you notice anything?  Lalia has added heading to columns in the image below to help you see the pattern.

Column 1: circles & scallop circles
Column 2: ovals
Column 3: squares
Column 4 rectangles
Column 5: rectangular labels
Column 6 oval (rounded) labels
Column 7 is a bit of miscellaneous
Column 8: tabs
Column 9: banners
Column 10: tags

Now that I've seen this, I have to wonder how I missed it. But sometimes the obvious has to be pointed out. Next time I'm hunting for a certain shape, I'll know to focus on the columns. I hope this navigational guide helps you too.

If you have not yet purchased your cartridge, you can pick it up on my shopping website (LINK).

Happy Creating,