Cricut Organization: Mat Maintance

This is the third and final post in my series showing you how I organized my Cricut cutting area. Over the holidays, I worked out a new system for storing the cartridges, overlays, handbooks and mats. Check out my prior Tuesday morning posts on how to organize your handbooks and cartridges.

My final note is about what to do about those mats. I used to have a spot on the floor under the table designated to the mats. However, I found that they often didn't make it to their designated spot. Inevitable, something would get set on top of the sticky surface.

In addition, other things (the dog, for example) sometimes were in that spot. Not a good for something as sticky as Cricut mats. Dog hair on the mats is not conducive to nice clean cuts. (See below for tips for cleaning and maintaining your mats)

My solution is simple, but revolutionary. Hang them on the wall! I used Command hooks by 3M. So if I decide to rearrange my office/craft room, I'll leave no holes behind.

Tips for cleaning and maintaining your Cricut mats:
1) You know that plastic sheet that comes on top of the mat? Keep it and use it. Every time you finish using your mat, put the sheet back on to protect it from stray particles that are attracted to the stick surface. Since I hung mine on the wall, I simply hang the plastic sheets between the mats rather than actually sticking them.

2) If you don't have the Cricut spatula, get one. This is an inexpensive tool that is very helpful. You may already use it for scrapping delicate images off the mat to prevent damage. It also can be used to scrap off those tiny pieces of paper (basically paper dust) that are left after you remove your image.

3) If your mat has lost much of it's stick, it is likely due to having too many minute particles stuck to it. You can prolong the life of your mat by cleaning it with Spritz cleaner. Just spray and wipe off with a paper towel.

Happy Chirping!