Artiste Key Notes #2

I had so much fun making the purse using one key from Artiste, that I decided to make this a series. Today, I explored the "Birthday Girl" button.

I used the card button to make this slide in card and envelope. The dial on the Cricut was set to 5.5". The interior card is 4.25" by 5.5", but the decorative envelope ended up just under 5" wide and 6.25" tall. You could mail it by inserting the whole thing in a 5" x 7" outer envelope.

The tag and words ("Birthday Girl") on the front of the envelope were also cut from the same key.

The stamping on the card is from the Birthday stamp set that comes with the Artiste Collection. I cut the card twice, once out of the pink B&T at 5.5" and once out of grey flannel at 4.5". Then I cut the upper scallops off of the grey one to get the rounded square shown. 

You could literally create everything you need for a birthday party with this one key. Check out this pretty treat box and cupcake liner. I cut and assembled these in just a few minutes.

It is amazing how much is on just this one key. There is a crown and 2D layered cupcake that I didn't even get to! QUIZ: Can anyone tell me what Accent 4 shift is? I have tried and tried to figure it out without success. If you know, help me sleep at night by commenting the answer.

By the way, the paper I used is from the Lucy pack. Tomorrow (July 31, 2012) is the last day it will be available!

If you are ready to buy the Artiste collection, you can still get my pre-order special. Details are on my Cricut page.

Have fun creating!