Artiste Key Notes

So when I got my Artiste Collection, I was overwhelmed because there is so much on the cartridge. To narrow down my choices, I challenged myself to create a complete project with just one key. I picked the number 2 key. Here's a snapshot from the handbook.

Images on the "2" key

I made this purse out of the Sonoma paper which is only available for a few more days through July 31.

I used the "fit to page" button for the purse and it ended up about 4.5" tall.

Cut out of purse with scored lines

I honestly am not sure I could have figured out how to put this together without the assembly book. It was not obviously to me that the container part of the purse is completely made with the wings on the sides. Simple fold on the score lines and bring the tabs together to fasten.

After connecting tabs

The final step is to pull up the two flaps and attach by poking the two tabs through to the same side.

Purse before decorating

The flowers, flourish and the scalloped circle tag that I used to decorate the purse are also from the 2 button. The sentiment is from the Kudo's stamp set that comes with the cartridge. The crocheted flowers are from the Bohemian Assortment and the flower centers are mocha opaque gems.

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