Make Summer Fun Last Year Round

Plan now how to save the fun

This month's newletter article gives some great tips on how to start preserving your summer memories even if you are too busy having fun. It is so easy to forget if you don't take time to take pictures or take notes about the events the filled your days.

You can bottle your summer tomatoes and preserve berries in jams so that the tasty fruits of summer last all winter long, but sooner or later the slip ’n slide is going to be rolled up and put back in the shed, and the kids will go back to school. What can you do during the height of summer to keep these golden days with you all winter long? What’s the best recipe for preserving a memory?
You have several options open to you: scrapbook pages, layouts, and albums, or else mini-albums, showcase albums, or a vast array of home d├ęcor projects, such as the My Creations® collage cubes or banner. Often, the hardest part can be turning your good intentions into actions. Here are some ideas for giving yourself a head start on making those summer moments endure:
  • When taking photos, capture at least 7–10 of the same event. Instead of just taking a single group shot at the family reunion, single out individuals too, and get some action shots of the all the fun activities. A typical two-page layout uses 4–8 photos, so if it’s an event you want to scrapbook, make sure you have the photos to support it.
  • While we’re on the subject, use a strategy when snapping your photos. Take photos to answer the who, what, when, where, and why of the event. Shots of signs marking the entrance to campgrounds, theme parks, or states supply great photographic context. You could also take photos of maps, play or recital programs, event tickets, or other types of memorabilia rather than trying to include the actual item in the layout.
  • As soon as you know what sort of project you want to preserve your photos in, get them printed — don’t wait for fall! Choose which photos you want to print (or, if you’re planning on using Studio J®, copy them into a designated folder), and organize them by event. You can even go so far as buying the papers, stamps, and accessories you plan to use. Drop all the supplies into the paper pack’s resealable bag to make your own custom project kit for when you have a bit more time for crafting.
If you are too busy having fun, taking advantage of the long days and nice weather, you can at least start making your plan now, jotting down notes, printing out pictures, in order to find yourself ready to start in fresh when the summer begins to fade. You’ll love reliving your favorite summer memories through the creative process and again and again as you look back over your completed creations.
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