Artiste Help

If you have followed my blog over the last month or so, you know I am in love with the Artiste cartridge. There are so many things you will love on the cartridge including accents, cards and 3-D project. One unique thing about this cartridge is the assembly booklet that removed all doubt when putting together the 3D objects.

The video below hows you navigate the cartridge and booklets. Here are a few highlights to listen for:
  • Matching colors in the handbook indicate coordinating pieces.
  • Set the Real Size Dial on your machine for the measurement of the assembled item.
  • To cut a piece a certain size, use the Real Dial Size button.
  • Measurements in red, bold font in the handbook indicate the recommended size for the item (or larger). The direction of the arrow next to the size indicates whether the measurement is horizontal, vertical or diagonal.
  • Some items require cutting multiples of a piece. This is indicated by a red x. For example, cutting two borders to make a rossette is indicated by x2.
  • The handbook and assembly booklet are cross-referenced by page number using numbers in green circles.
  • In the assembly book, tick marks indicate score lines, dotted lines are for folding, arrows indicate the direction to fold and glue bottles indicate where to place adhesive.