Friday, August 3, 2012

Increase your vocabulary: "Craftermath"

Just wanted to pass on a new word I learned at convention from fellow consultant Sheri Rottler.

craf-ter-math (noun): Consequence or result of a productive crafting session; i.e. what your room looks like when you are done with a project.

Sample sentence: My entire basement is currently in a state of craftermath.

That is entirely true. I really need to learn to clean up one mess before I start another.


  1. How true! Love it! Now to make a sign on my studio door: Beware of Craftermath! (I know of no cure.)

  2. So true! My goodness, Rebecca, I don't think it could be described any better than that. :-) My craft room is currently in a state of craftermath. Will my craft fairy be by to magically clean it? I wish! :-)

  3. I love it! Great word! Lady Bug, if you see the craft fairy...could you send her to Columbus next? Thanks:-)