Artiste Key Notes #4 - Swing Cards

With summer winding down and school kicking off, it has been awhile since I have added to my Artiste Key Notes series. Each of the posts in this series showcase several projects made with a single key on the Artiste Cricut cartridge.

The last few days, I've been "just a swinging". You are going to love how easy it is to make swing cards on the Cricut with the Artiste cartridge. Each of the nine cards has a cut out shape that "swings" from the front to the inside of the card when you open it.

View of the front of an undecorated "swing" card

Bird's eye view of a "swing" card

You can find these swingers on page 52 of the Artiste handbook on the "S" key. To make standard A2 (5.5" x 4.25") cards, set the dial on the Cricut to 5.5".

Here's a really cool feature: each of the swinging shapes is on either the Art Philosophy or Artiste Cricut cartridge! This makes it super easy to complete your cards.

Ready to make some?
I put together a handy reference table to tell you what size to cut each shape to fit perfectly on a 5.5" card.

Note that sometimes it is nice to cut the shape slightly smaller than the swinging shape to create a layeredeffect.

The stamping on these first three cards uses the stamp sets that come in the Artiste Collection. The first is a Birthday card using Pemberley paper.

Here's another birthday card. This one uses Victory papers.


Here's a simple Stella card using the Award stamp set that came with the Artiste collection.

I couldn't resist making a card using one of my all time favorite papers, Florentine.

This last Stella card uses the Love size A stamp. Isn't it cool how it fits on the swinging shape perfectly?

I've got a few more swing cards I'm finishing up that I'll post in a day or two. In the meantime, have fun swinging!