Baby Memory Box

Hello! I'm really excited that in just a few days, I will have a new nephew! This afternoon is my sister's baby shower and here's some pictures of the gift I made her with the Victory papers. (I'm banking on the fact that she will be way to busy to check out my blog before the shower.)

This decorated recipe/photo box will help these busy new parents remember the precious times over the next few years. Text inside lid:

Baby books are great ideas
but sometimes you're too busy.
Living with little ones
can put you in a tizzy.
Milestones pass too fast at times
to find the proper page,
So jot note of each event
with date or baby's age.
Like, "took 3 steps on May the 1st"
or "Teething - 5 December"
Then drop it in this Memory Keeper
to help you remember.

I've had this poem in my idea folder for a couple years and there was not a source on the print out. If you know where it came from, I'd love to give credit where credit is due.

Inside the box are a bunch of notes cards for them to use to write down milestones or everyday moments.

The sentiments and images on the It's Your Day stamp set were perfect for this. The two special cards below will go on top. "Hello Life" to record the birth event and one for me to write a special welcoming note for the shower.

Through September 30, you can get a copy of this stamp set for yourself for just $5 with a qualifying purchase of $35. Click here to start shopping.
This is one of my favorite projects ever. I hope it has inspired you to find creative ways to remember the special times in your life.