Black Friday Deals

Today is that special holiday that we affectionately call Black Friday. Like every nearly other retailer in America, I will also be offering special pricing for this time immediately after Thanksgiving. This is your chance to start your Christmas shopping or get a few special things for yourself.

However for my Close To My Heart and Clever Container specials there is no need to...
...miss out on family time
...deprive yourself of sleep
...bundle up in layers and layers of clothings
...fill your thermos with anything hot
...push & shove yourself through the crowds
...hope and pray that you will get there before everything is gone

My sales are online and available through December 2!

So curl up on your couch with in your pjs and slippers and browse the Online Vendor Fair at At this site, you will find items from 18 different vendors. You will be able to purchase items from all of the vendors using a single Shopping Bag. How convenient is that?

Be sure to sign up for the door prizes being offered by each vendor. I'll be giving away 50% off a Workshop On The Go of your choice.

If you'd like to combine the cyber sale with other Close To My Heart items, simple drop me an email with your complete list.

A word about how the fair will work: While the actual price is contained in each product listing, you will quickly notice that all products will add $0 to your shopping bag. This is due to differences in sales tax, shipping rates, etc. between the vendors. After you check out, each vendor will send you an invoice for the actual price plus shipping and tax for your purchases.