Personalized Tumblers

Christmas gift idea!

I've been seeing lots of great uses for vinyl on Pinterest and have been very intrigued. But I have to admit I was a little nervous about giving it a try. Until now! Last week, I found a great price on vinyl and decided to try it out on some tumblers from the dollar store.

My daughter and I had a great time making one for each family member. These cups are for our "home all day" days. So instead of having a counter full of empty glasses, I'm hoping that there will just be these three to wash at the end of the day.

All of the letters and designs are from the Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge. The letters were cut at 1.25" and the designs are 2".

I found the vinyl much easier to work with than I expected. We did not change any of the settings on the Cricut from what I use for cardstock. We also chose designs that were fairly simple. After cutting out Emily's name, we elected to not use the font with the little cut outs on the others since those sticky little circles were tricky to separate from the rest of the letter.

We did not use transfer paper for this project because we were not that worried about making them perfect. We just eyeballed the alignment and called it good enough. If needed, you can gently pull them up and reposition.

I was a little worried about how they would hold up to washing. We've hand washed them a few times and so far the vinyl is sticking tight. 

This was a great starter vinyl project and we have definitely caught the vinyl bug. We are looking around for other things to decorate! I'll post pictures if we do.

Hope this has inspired you to take the leap into vinyl!