Snow Cute!

PicMonkey Collage

It snowed this morning, but not enough to accumulate. But it put me in the mood for a snowman. So I made these tasty little guys. Each one is the wrapper for a snack size candy bar. Perfect for stockings, a classroom of kids, scouts, etc.

These are loosely based on these cute little Rolo guys by Debby posted on her blog:

  • Fun/Snack sized Candy Bars (approx. 0.6 oz each)
  • Stretch gloves (I found two pair for $.97 at Walmart -- that's enough for 20 snowmen!)
  • Daisy White Card Stock
  • Black permanent pen
  • Orange Marker

Cut a piece of cardstock 3" x 4". Score a fold line approximately 3/4" from each of the shorter sides. Draw a snowman face and buttons in the center. Color the carrot nose with the orange marker.


Wrap around a candy bar folding on the score lines. It will have a mailbox shape as shown below.


Cut the fingers/thumb off each glove to make hats for the snowmen. Use the body of the glove to make scarves - approximately 1/2" x 3". The picture below shows how to cut five hats and scarves from one glove.


Role the edge of each hat slightly and slide on the top of the snowmen. Tie the scarves around the snowmen between the face and buttons.


Let It Snow!