Buzzing about Mini-cards

Today, I made a couple quick mini (3"x 3") cards using Buzz & Bumble scraps.

When I say that I made these with scraps, I literally mean I used scraps. The row of hearts on the first card is made up of the "negative" space left over after cutting some hearts for another project. I cut the smaller Sunset heart for another project as well, but didn't end up using it.  I folded it and attached with a row of Liquid Glass on the fold line.

Don't you love the wax seal on the second card? It is from the Buzz & Bumble Assortment. 

I love 3x3 cards. They are so easy to make. You just needs a little paper and an accessory or two. I <3 simple!

Another reason to love them is that they are a lot of fun to give. I think of them as "just because" cards. There doesn't have to be a holiday or a big reason to celebrate. I can jot a quick informal note and then find a creative place to put it to be found later.

Who wouldn't feel loved and encouraged if they found one in their lunch box or brief case? How about on their pillow after a long day? Maybe tucked into a school book? The possibilities are endless.

Is there someone in your life that would love to get mini-card from you? Where would you hid it?