The Cards Keep on Spinning

Last week, I showed you the first two projects we made at the Close To My Heart Convention in June: Follow Your Heart Mini Album and the Base & Bling Necklace. Today, I have five of the new Spin Cards decorated with some of the new papers and embellishments. We also got five of the new Mini Stamps. Love!

The Present Spin Card

The new Spin Cards are 5" x 7" and have a 2.5" square cut out on the front. In the void there is a 2" circle on a string which allows it to spin...hence the name "Spin Card".

And they really do spin! In fact, I had a hard time taking these pictures. There was just a slight breeze, but the circles would not stay still long enough for me to get a good shot. I took about 10 pictures of this card before I got a good one. (See the neighbor's house in the background? Normally, I would have retaken the picture, but not today!)

Here's one of the reject pictures that shows you the spinning action.

Spinning Action
This next card is my favorite. The new Frosted paper is simply lovely. If this paper can get this summer girl excited about winter coming, it must be special! The center of the card has one of the new Base & Bling Floral Accents. (Another shot of our neighbor's house!)
Frosted Snowflake Spin Card
Here's what the cards look like when you turn them horizontal. I think it would be need to put a continuing message on the front and back of the spinning circle. Wouldn't that be fun?

I (Heart) You Spin Card
Some of you already purchased the True Thank You mini stamp in June set to support the American Red Cross' Oklahoma tornado relief efforts. Thank you so much for your support!

Thank You Spin Card
I love the new Mini Stamps. They are just the right size to make 3" x 3" cards which I love to make and give. They are also perfect for these new Spin Cards. In fact at convention, they said the Spin Cards were added to the product line just for the new stamp sets. Once again, I love how Close To My Heart makes products that coordinate together so well.

For this last card, the spin was un-spun. By adding a piece of paper across the cut out, the card is now simply a window card.

I hope you have enjoyed this preview of the new Spin Cards and Mini Stamps. They will be available for purchase on August 1.

In the mean time, keep creating!