Flavored Water & Snack Gift Idea

Need a quick and easy gift idea? I love making a drink mix and snack holder by cutting "door hanger with box" on the Cricut. Just assemble the box, loop it over the lid of a favorite drink and fill with yummies.

The door hanger is from the Art Philosophy Cartridge. It's on page 25 of the handbook using the shift key and layer function (bottom right hand corner of page).

The hanger is cut with a notch on one side. When I added the treats to the box, it didn't want to stay on the bottle. So covered it with some washi tape and the hole was still large enough to slip over the water bottle lid. You can see this better in this side-view picture.

This "door hanger" can be used on other beverage bottles like soda or wine. In fact it would work on anything that is in a bottle -- I just heard yesterday that Olive Oil collections are the new rage. How about buying a bottle of fancy oil for a friend. Put some seasonings, a special recipe or a gift card in the box. 

Until next time, keep creating!