Artfully Sent Cricut Collection from Close To My Heart: Making Envelopes

I'm so excited to finally have the Artfully Sent Cricut cartridge in my hands and have been playing around with it. I can't wait to show you my creations. However, first I thought it would be helpful to share with you some details about how to make the various types of cards on this cartridge. Today we'll take a closer look at the envelopes you can make using Artfully Sent.

2019 Update: Our retired Cricut image collections are now available to purchase using my special Cricut link! The Artfully Sent Cricut collection was first released by Close To My Heart in 2014 in a physical cartridge bundle. It retired a few years later without being offered as a digital-only collection.  This made all of these great images unavailable to anyone who was unfortunate enough to miss out on this cartridge while it was available.

This fall (2019), Close To My Heart began a new partnership with Cricut which allows all of our image collections, including retired collections like Artfully Sent, to be purchased using special links only available from Close To My Heart consultants! This is an exciting development because many of you missed these collection the first time around. 

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Note that the Artfully Sent images are also available in Cricut Access or can be purchased individually in Design Space for $1.99 for each project and $6.99 for the font. However, the best value is to purchase the full collection which includes all 700 individual images (projects plus font) for just $49.95. You can subscribe to Access or purchase the full collection on (If you use the Cricut link in this post for your purchases, I'll earn a small commission. Thank You!)

This week, I'm writing a series of posts showcasing all the types of cards available on this cartridge, plus the envelopes and font. Click the links below to learn more! I'll update the list after the remaining posts in this series are available.

Envelope Options

You will also find multiple options for envelopes to cut on Artfully Sent. There are seven choices for 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" envelopes and six different 5" x 7" envelopes. Each envelope has a coordinating optional liner that you can use to dress up the inside of your envelopes.

Setting the size

Expression and other cartridge machines

If you are creating with a cartridge-driven Cricut machine like the Expression, find envelope in the handbook. Under the image of the envelope, there will be a blue box with either 4.25" which indicates that it designed to go with a 4.25" x 5.5" card or the blue box will have 5" which indicates that it is designed to go with a 5" x 7" card. Set the size dial to either 4.25" or 5" as indicated and the machine will automatically make the adjustment so that the envelope is the right size.

Keep the dial size in the same position to cut the liner and the machine will automatically cut it the right size to coordinate perfectly.

Your finished envelope and liner will have tic marks to indicate where to fold. 

Explore and Maker Machines

In Design Space, you first need to find an envelope that is designed for the size card you are making. To do this, click on the information button in image search. The name of the image will start with either "5x7" or "4x6". (The latter is a typo in DS because these are the 4.25" x 5.5" envelopes.)

Once you have selected an appropriate envelope for your project and added it to your canvas, you will need to resize it. This can be difficult because the envelope will have flaps that will fold in to create the pocket. The trick I found is to assume that the liner is the same width as the card and size it appropriately.

When you add the envelope to the Design Space canvas, the liner is automatically added as well and the two images are grouped. This means if you change the size of one, the other will change in proportion. To get exactly the right size of envelope, you must hide (click on the eyeball) the envelope and attached score lines so that all you see is the liner. Now adjust the width based on the card size. Make sure that you keep the width and height proportional (keep padlock closed).

Once you have set the width, you can unhide (click the eyeball again) the envelope and score lines. It will be perfectly sized to fit your card.

Sample envelopes

Are you ready to get your hands (and Cricut machine) on this collection? Hop on over to Cricut using my special link to view and purchase from the Close To My Heart Cricut library!

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Inspired? Get out your Cricut and your Artfully Sent cartridge and start creating.

As always, keep creating!