New Artfully Sent Cricut Collection update and a few sample cards

I can't wait to get my hands on the new Artfully Sent Cricut cartridge. An early to mid-September release is the current target. So it could happen anytime! I will keep you updated as I learn more.

Current Target: Early to Mid-September Release

While we wait, I thought I'd this picture that Close To My Heart released of three Artfully Sent cards.

2019 Update: Our retired Cricut image collections are now available to purchase using my special Cricut link! The Artfully Sent Cricut collection was first released by Close To My Heart in 2014 in a physical cartridge bundle. It retired a few years later without being offered as a digital-only collection.  This made all of these great images unavailable to anyone who was unfortunate enough to miss out on this cartridge while it was available.

This fall (2019), Close To My Heart began a new partnership with Cricut which allows all of our image collections, including retired collections like Artfully Sent, to be purchased using special links only available from Close To My Heart consultants! This is an exciting development because many of you missed these collection the first time around. 

Browse all Close To My Heart image collections>>

Note that the Artfully Sent images are also available in Cricut Access or can be purchased individually in Design Space for $1.99 for each project and $6.99 for the font. However, the best value is to purchase the full collection which includes all 700 individual images (projects plus font) for just $49.95. You can subscribe to Access or purchase the full collection on (If you use the Cricut link in this post for your purchases, I'll earn a small commission. Thank You!)

On this cartridge, you will find lots of interactive and dynamic cards including: pop-up, swing, backdrop, build-a-scene, sentiment, border and pocket cards.

FREE Stamp Set when you reserve your copy!

Remember you can only get this cartridge from Close To My Heart Independent Consultans like me. Although it is not yet available for purchase, I can reserve a copy for you today. Simply send me an email saying that you'd like a copy and I'll add this stamp set to your order for free!!

Beautiful Friendship (B1400) - $9.95 value

This reservation deal will DISAPPEAR once the cartridge is released. So be sure to email me now to get the free stamp set.