Decluttering, Donating and free workshop directions

This spring, we installed cabinets in my craft room/office. So I spent much of the summer sorting, purging and organizing all the stuff I've collected over the years. I have been separating my craft supplies into piles to keep, give away and trash. Those that I'm keeping need to be assigned containers and a space. It really is a big job and still a work in process, but my stacks are getting smaller. You know how it is, it seems to get worse before it gets better. I excited to finally be getting closer to the "better"!

Last month, I found a new home for some of my scrapbooking papers that I know I'll never use by donating them to a charity that is close to my heart. It feels good to be released from the guilt of keeping and storing unused things and I'm happy to know that what had become clutter to me will be used by someone else.

Do you have extra crafting supplies you'll never use? 
Consider donating them to a worthy cause. 

Possible organizations include your local children's hospital, nursing home, women's shelters, day cares, library and retirement centers. Be sure to call ahead to see if your excess aligns with their needs. Also, be considerate to volunteers and workers of the organization by sorting out any used or damaged goods and donate only what is appropriate for their needs.

While I've been focusing on reducing paper clutter, I realized I also have a lot of electronic clutter. It may not be stealing away precious storage space the same way as the physical stuff, but it is not being used. Wouldn't it be great to get some of these things out, dust them off and repurpose them?

So today, I'm sharing with you the directions for this twelve card workshop.

I designed these cards to be made using the Flirty paper and Pun Fun for a workshop last February. Both the paper and the stamp set have now been retired. But the card design will work well with image based stamp sets including our M-sized stamps.

To prove my point, take a look at this set of Surf's Up cards.

Yep! These use the same basic pattern as the Flirty cards. I switched out the paper and the stamp set (Under the Sea C1500). I also changed the size of the stamping rectangles to match the stamp size and cut the mats for these rectangles with 1/2" larger length and width. Add a few matching accessories and boom -- a new set of cards.

So here's your assignment: Go to your stash and dust off a stamp set or two with images that are around 1 or 2 inches. Now look through  your paper scraps --- I know you're saving them for something fun --- well this is it! Now print the directions and get creative!

Ready for more projects? I have some kits that you may be interested. I love working with kits because you receive all the materials needed for the project so there is no excuse to keep you from getting started. Plus, when you get done there is minimal excess materials that need to be disposed of or stored. That means less clutter to deal with later!

You can check out all of my current kits in my shop at