Studio J Lucky 6! Even more luck with Free Layouts!!

I have an amazing deal for you ---  Close To My Heart is offering 5 ways to be lucky in November with Studio J. You can read more about these in yesterday's post.  With my special, there are now 6 ways that you can be lucky in November with Studio J!

Have I told you that I LOVE Studio J? When I joined Close To My Heart almost 5 years ago, I was not interested in learning this digital scrapbooking system. But, I decided I ought to at least check it out so I'd be ready if someone asked me about it. One morning, I had an extra half hour before work and decided to log on to create my that short 30 minutes, I had created two full layouts!! 

My First Studio J Layout!
From that point on, I was hooked. Studio J is now my go to when I'm feeling behind or have a special event that I want to get scrapped quickly. I now use Studio J for over half of my scrapbooking!

I love showing people how easy the program is to use and how lovely the layouts are. The November special gave me a great opportunity to invite everyone to give it a try!

My favorite things about Studio J layouts:

#5 The Price - Seriously, by the time you print pictures and buy your scrapbook supplies $3.50 per page is a pretty good price. How does $2.50 per page sound? How about $2.15 per page?

#4 The Format - Studio J layouts are made digitally. This means that you can order multiples of a layout with a click of the mouse. Want to make pages for each child's album? No problem. Have heritage pages you'd like to copy for members of the family? No problem. Also, everytime you order a layout, you get a high quality jpg of the layout for free. Archieve these images just like you would back up your photos in case the album is destroyed and you need to reprint.

#3 The Photos - With Studio J, you never wish you had printed your pictures different sizes or had zoomed or cropped differently. Your layouts can have one large focal picture or many small pictures or anywhere in between. Customize the zoom and crop after you have the picture in place on your layout.

#2 The Quality - Studio J layouts are printed on high quality photo paper.  The images pop out of the page. Add them to you scrapbooks and on one will even notice that some pages are "flat".


#1 The Ease - I love simple! Creating layouts in Studio J means no set up, no mess and no packing. Just open your computer and log on to work on your pages anytime, anywhere. When you need to stop, simply save them to work on later. With 104 beautiful paper collections and100 layout patterns, the possibilities are endless. Over 100 ready-made Express  layouts make creating even faster!

Now, here's the deal:

I told you I would add to the Lucky 5 Studio J special. In addition, to the $5 layouts and the posibility of winning an accessory or an album (see details), I will send credit for a free layout to everyone who orders 6 or more layouts. That's right, order 6 layouts for $5 each, and I'll send you a credit for another layout. So you are getting 7 layouts total for $30!  That comes out to $4.29 per layout or $2.15 per page

While the Lucky 5 special is for all the month of November, to get the the free layout, you must submit your order before midnight on Black Friday, November 28

So what are you waiting for? Start creating today!

Studio J is a try before you buy program. You can create an account and start designing layouts for free. as many You only pay when you order prints!