The Month is Marching On....Do you Have Your Free Tote?

Earlier this month, I posted this chart showing why March is the best month to join my Close To My Heart team, the Treasure Keepers.

So what do you really get for your $99 joining fee? Let's break it down and add up the pieces. 

For this example, let's assume that you sell at least $400 in each of your first three months.  That's just one party per month! Easy, Peasy. Remember, we have the brand new summer products coming out in April!

1. A kit of brand new products that are not yet available for purchase with retail value over $355

2 The new Lagoon Chevron Shoulder Tote that retails for $26.95

3. The roomy, new Lagoon Rolling Tote that retails for $149.95

4. Commission of at least $264! 

5. Additional Special Product Credit of $75

6. Refund of $99 joining fee

The total value of the cash and products you would earn by just having three parties in your first three months is.... (drum roll)...

over $969! 

The first time I totaled that up, I honestly thought I had punched the numbers into my calculator wrong.

In addition, your first party will most likely be a kick-off party. 

7. As the hostess, you would earn an additional product credit of $60 plus get to choose any item for 50% off.

This brings your total cash and product earnings
 to well over $1,000! 

Not bad for a PART TIME JOB! 

Want to earn more? You can book additional parties, plan a crop, lead classes, or sell kits to increase your sales. Your earning increase dramatically as your monthly sales increase under our generous compensation plan. The sky really is the limit.

Have I given you something to think about?

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Have questions? Shoot me an email and we'll chat about whether this opportunity is right for you.