4 Reasons I love Mini-Albums & My Wanderful Italy Hip Pics Book

I think I'm addicted to mini-albums! These fun little books have a way of making me happy :)

Recently, I made this mini-album on our trip to Italy and was thinking about the reasons why I like using mini-albums to capture my memories. So, I thought I'd share them with you...

Before I jump into the reasons, let's talk about what a mini-album is. Besides being smaller than a traditional album, my mini-albums typically have a more eclectic feel due to a variety of shapes, sizes and materials used.

My Mini-albums typically have a eclectic feel.

Today's mini-albums are generally between 4 to 8 inches wide and tall and are usually stand alone projects with each one documents a single event or theme. Usually, the cover and pages are more coordinated than a traditional scrapbook album. Also, the pages may have more dimension and sometimes even have elements that extend beyond the page edges. 

Why do I love mini-albums? Let me count the ways....

#5 Reason I love Mini-Albums: They are FAST.

A mini-album can come together quickly if you use a ready-made album like this My Creations Hip Pics Album and coordinating paper & accessories like the Wanderful paper and complements.  

If you start with a Hip Pics album you have a huge jump start because the pages are pre-cut with 3-3/4" square windows which are perfect for you 4" x 6" photos. Since they are square you can easily add landscape or portrait pictures! 

 Using coordinating papers and embellishments makes decorating the album speedy.  I pulled this album together in one evening. It was fun mixing and matching the Wanderful paper on the pages then adding stickers that helped tell the story of our trip. Once i had the pages done, I cut "Italy" using the Artbooking font for a cover title. Now I just need to add a little journaling to finish this trip keepsake.

#4 Reason I love Mini-Albums: They are SMALL.

The name says it all --- these books are "mini". Because of their size, you can throw them in your bag to show to family and friends. I love collecting my memories in family albums, but these 12" x 12" books are not portable. The mini-albums allow me to take the highlights with me. 

Also because the mini-albums are small, they can easily be digested in one sitting. Who wouldn't enjoy flipping through this little booklet? No big time commitment like viewing a larger album requires.

#3 Reason I love Mini-Albums: They are PERSONAL.

Each mini-album I make is completely customized. The shape, size, colors and materials used varies depending on the look I want for that book. With a larger album, you may feel confined to make it consistent with other books on the shelf. But with a mini-album, you have complete creative freedom!

The kraft cover of this album gives it a worn look which makes me think of a well-traveled journal. Although I made this after we were home from our trip, it has the feel of something that was carried with us and created along the way.

#2 Reason I love Mini-Albums: They make great gifts!

Mini-albums are a great size for gift giving. You can give a completed album or one that is ready for the recipient to personalize. Everyone loves a handmade item and a scrapbook album is a great way to show someone you value their memories.

Here are just a few mini-album gift ideas:
  • Busy new mom: baby-themed min-album ready to add her own pictures and journaling 
  • Your mom or mother-in-law: grandchild/baby brag book
  • Graduate: keepsake of their senior year
  • Retiree: Collection of accomplishments, awards, projects and coworkers
  • Toddler: Pictures of family members that live at a distance
  • Alzheimer's Patient: Reminders of important people in their lives
  • Family Members: Heritage book of records and older photos (scan and print copies)
Is there someone on your list who is hard to buy for? I bet you can think of a mini-album that they would love!

#1 Reason I love Mini-Albums: They are CUTE!

It all comes down to the "eye-candy". Everyone smiles when they see these little books. They are like babies --- all the features of a full grown album, but smaller sized and compacted. What could be cuter? 

Because each book is unique, they make great home decor items. A few albums on your coffee table make inviting conversation pieces. Or you can stand one on a shelf (open or closed) for a beautiful way to display your memories. 


So, what do you think of mini-albums? If you have made a mini-album, I'd love to see it! Please link a picture in the comments. If you have not made any yet, I'd encourage you to gather up a few pictures and your memories and give one a try.

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Happy Creating,