Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Then Comes the Baby in the Baby Carriage!

Here's a card I've been meaning to share for awhile. Can you think of a cuter way to welcome a new baby than this card made using the Artfully Sent Cricut cartridge?  If you have been a little intimidated by the pop up cards on this cartridge, relax! They really are easy to put together --- the assembly booklet will help if you need a little help.

Outside of Baby Pop Up Card
The outside of this card is oh so sweet with the baby carriage and faux stitching. But the inside is where it really pops. Literally! When you open the card, cute building blocks pop up spelling "Baby".

Inside of Baby Pop Up Card

This card is found on page 23 of the handbook. The outer skin of the card is made with the "Pop-Up" function or F1 if you are using a Universal Mat. The inside is the same function with shift. All the cute baby close are found on the "Icon" function or F2. 

To make a 5" x 7"  card, set the size to 5" as directed on the handbook page and everything will be cut to scale. If you are using an Explore machine, all of these pieces can be added to your project as one grouped image. Be sure to adjust the size before you ungroup. The correct size is 10" tall (twice the height of the folded card) and 7" wide. 

The handy Assembly booklet that comes with the cartridge helps you see how the pieces go together. 

The trickiest part is folding the liner in step 2 above. I found it easiest to fold the whole liner in half as if it was a flat card. Then reverse the center crease for the four sections with the letters so that the fold is sticking out. Then it will be easier to make the folds at the top and bottom of the blocks with the letters. 

Here's what the card looks like from the side once the folds are completed and the liner attached to the card base. 

I cut the card base and the baby clothes from our Paper Fundamentals. This paper pulls double duty because the front and back of the paper are different. One side has a white geometric pattern and a shiny resist pattern is on the other. This allowed me to create two different looks for the clothing pieces cut from the same paper by simply turning one of them over.

The word Baby is cut from the inner liner of the card. I simply cut squares from the left over fndamental papers and attached them to the back of the blocks before connecting the liner to the skin of the card. 

I hope this post helped take a little of the myster out of making a pop up card using the Artfully Sent cartridge. There are 50 pop up cards on the cartridge in total!

If you do not yet own the Artfully Sent cartridge, I'd love to help you get one in your hands. You can order it directly from my website --- or contact me about setting up a party. You are already 2/3 of the way to earning free product!

Keep Creating!

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