Get organized with my {updated} Evernote stamp notebook!

Do you ever feel like you spend more time organizing your creative space more than actually creating? Do you struggle to find ways to store your stamp sets (and other products) in a way that allows you to locate the right one quickly?

Whether you are a consultant or customer, I'd love to help you get organized so you can focus on more important things --- like getting creative! I've been using Evernote to keep track of all of my stamp sets for a couple years and am excited to share it with you.

In this post, I address a few questions I get about my Evernote stamp notebook.

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The current version of my notebook includes all of the stamp sets available as of September 1, 2015 from Close To My Heart. This includes all the sets that were just released in the new Annual Inspirations and Holiday Expression Idea Books. As of September 1, 2015, there are 374 sets! Many of these stamp sets are not in the current Idea Books, but you can see them all when you use the Evernote notebook.

Within the notebook, there is a note for each of the stamp sets, including consultant-only business builder stamps, hostess-only stamps, workshops on the go stamps and stamps of the month. 


The name of the note includes both the item number and the name. This allows you to store you physical stamps alpha-numerically by item number. 

The body of the note includes any sentiments on the stamp set and a link to the image on the Close To My Heart website. Tags include all of the images on the set plus any themes or holidays represented.


This database has completely revolutionized how I store my stamp sets and saves me ton of time hunting for stamp sets. I used to try to store my stamp sets by theme or holiday. It was a very cumbersome system for many reasons. For example, there were a lot of sets that didn't fall clearly into one category and others included stamps from more than one category. 

For example this adorable set, Miracle of Christmas (D1656) has cute woodland animals that could be used year-round. It also has gifts that could be used for birthday or shower projects.

If your stamps are sorted by category, you will need to choose a single category for this set. When you are working on projects not related to that category, it will not be found as an option. Using Evernote to organize your stamps solves that issue since a set can have as many tags as are needed to completely describe what the stamp set is about. This stamp set will be included when you filter by any of these tags.

I now store my physical stamp sets in our large organizers by item number. When i need a stamp set --- whether I have a particular one in mind or need to choose one -- I always go to Evernote first.  Using the filters, I search the notes to find just the right stamp set.  Since the title of the note includes Item Number, I can quickly locate the chosen stamp set in my storage boxes.


According to the Evernote website, this program is "available on everything you use every day." This means that you can access Evernote from your PC (on web or in a Windows app), iPad, iPhone and Android devices.  This means that the information you load into Evernote is available to view and search anytime, anywhere.

I love being able to pull up the stamp sets on my phone. As a consultant, this is really handy when I am at an event and am helping a customer find the perfect stamp set for their projects. To get started using this program, visit and find the apps for your devices.


You can request access to my stamp notebook is available by making a purchase on my Close To My Heart website of $25 or more. Join my team to get access for FREE!

Before you place your order, I'd suggest you check out my other Evernote notebooks. I now have notebooks for the Close To My Heart Cricut cartridges and the papers in Studio J. You can receive access to these in addition to the stamps notebook with a larger purchase.

I am thrilled when I get comments like this back from happy stampers:
  • Your program CHANGED MY LIFE! was total chaos!
  • Now that I see how easy it is to use, I'll do the same with my SU stamps as well.
  • Thank you for offering this organized data for our stamps! Much appreciated!
  • They are GREAT. Her directions are WONDERFUL!
  • I'm excited to begin using it.
  • Thanks again for the wonderful program. I will have fun getting organized.
  • I just watched your video...You have thought of everything :)
If you have any questions about the notebooks, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'd love to help you get more organized.

Happy Day!