Welcome to your new room, Esther!

A couple months ago, I helped my sister create a gift for her friend who was waiting for her sweet baby to arrive. She wanted to make a mural for the nursery that reflected her Chinese heritage. Here are some pictures of the completed room just a few weeks before they received permission to travel to meet their daughter, Esther.

The entire project was made with removable indoor vinyl which was cut on my Cricut Explore. The vinyl setting is amazing since it makes a "kiss" cut, which leaves the paper backing intact. This type of cut makes it simple to peel off the finished pieces.

In order to maintain a link to her heritage, we used Design Space to build a custom vinyl image that had her English and Chinese names in multiple fonts. Once the image was cut, transfer paper was used to keep the individual pieces spaced properly until it could be applied to the wall.

The flowers, leaves and butterflies are Cricut images. (Sorry, I don't remember the cartridges. I had a subscription at the time so we hunted through the whole image library to find ones that we liked.)

My sister drew the pandas and the tree. We uploaded the panda drawings into Design Space and then cut them with the Cricut Explore. My sister cut the tree out of brown vinyl by hand.

After all the pieces were cut, we mailed them to Esther's mom. I had an idea of how it would all turn out, but the final result was much better than I could imagine.