An Invitation to a Special Journey with Close To My Heart

I'd like to invite you to start on very special journey this month. But first, I'd like to tell you about my Close To My Heart journey which started almost six years ago. As you will read, this was not something I was particularly looking for, the timing wasn't really that great, but I'm so glad I took that first step. I have gained so much!

So my story starts on a lonely November evening while my husband was on a work trip to China. The week had been hectic (as most were those days) and I was wishing some of those "let's get together" conversations with friends would actually get off the ground.

Like most of my friends, I was busy with a full time job, keeping up with house stuff and chasing my daughter around town. (OK, actually driving her, but it seems like I was doing a lot of chasing.) Late that night, I started Googling scrapbooking supplies because I certainly didn't have the energy to actually DO any scrapbooking.

I happened upon the Close To My Heart website and discovered the most beautiful papers!

CTMH's Magnifique collection, circa 2010
These were not just pretty papers, they were pretty COLLECTIONS of paper and COORDINATING embellishments! As I was exploring the Close To My Heart website, I discovered that the best way to get a lot of great product at a great price was to buy the Consultant kit. After carefully reading the agreement to make sure I wasn't signing away my first born. I didn't see any red flags, so I signed up. 

My kit arrived just before Thanksgiving and my 10 year old daughter and I spent every minute not consumed by family obligations creating. We watched videos to learn to stamp and other fun techniques. We also watched the business training.  To this day, she continues to be my partner in creating and probably knows more about the products than I do. It has been such a fun adventure to do with her.

My creative partner, December 2010
When I heard about the convention at Disneyland the next summer, I begged my husband to let me go on a solo vacation --- actually, he encouraged me to go. I didn't know what to expect, but I was completely overwhelmed and blown away starting with the team meeting on "Convention Eve". I'll admit to being way out of my element when everyone came dressed as princesses! That was when I realized, I was not among actuaries any longer.

Tina Sutton, the "Queen of (Scattered) Hearts"
This was about as different from what I was used to in my world as an actuary as possible. What amazed me at that team meeting was that along with the laughter and craziness, there was also a celebration of successes. Awards were given for sales, teams and longevity. Although many of the women were hobbyists like me who just wanted great products at a discount, there were also business women who were raising their families, paying bills and earning real money through Close To My Heart.

Once the convention started, it was a blur of experiences ---- seeing new products, learning new tricks and techniques, being inspired by the founder Jeanette Lynton and other leaders, meeting new people and much more.

Since that first convention, I have continued to be blown away by this company. Every new Idea Book is full of beautiful new products that are 100% on trend. I swear, we are trend setters because once something is introduced by Close To My Heart you start seeing it everywhere. I've met so many amazing people --- fellow consultants at Close To My Heart events and scrapbookers at local crops. They have become a second family to me.

My journey with Close To My Heart started with a little mouse click to order some fun new products to use for my memory albums. But from small beginnings, big things come. I can't imagine walking away from Close To My Heart now. 

In summary, I was looking for PAPER, but I found SO MUCH MORE!

So here's the invitation I promised earlier:

There has never been a better time to join because during June, you get a preview of two of our new products that are coming out next month. You get to pick one of the new Fundamental paper packs and coordinating complements pack -- total value of these bonus items is over $30!

These bonuses are on top of our already fully loaded Consultant kit which includes everything in the picture below PLUS $50 in PRODUCT CREDIT!

The total retail value of this kit is over $230, but you pay just $75! Please consider taking advantage of this amazing deal!

You can learn more about being a consultant and a member of my team, the Treasure Keepers, on my website. If you have any questions, please email me. I'd love to discuss how Close To My Heart may fit your life.