Be the Early Bird! No worms, just pre-release products.

I've already invited you to consider joining my team in July, so let's talk a little more about what that may look like. One of the things that founder Jeanette says often is "You Are Welcome Here!" Those are not just fluffy words, the message is clear that everyone is welcome to be a part of this great company. That means that you can decide what kind of consultant you want to be. There is no cookie cutter!

Just to show that this is true, please humor me for a moment and take this brief quiz. Come on, it is just ONE question:

1. If you were a Close To My Heart consultant, which one of the following would describe you?

A. As a new business owner, I love that the start up cost was so affordable

B. I'm a bargain hunter at heart and love figuring out how to get what I want at the best deal possible.

C. I'm not really that creative, plus I'm really busy. However, I want my memories to be recorded to be enjoyed for years to come.

D. My projects are always on trend or even leading the way. My creative style today is what everyone else will be doing a year from now.


Here's the facts that show the Close To My Heart is a good fit for people who identify with any of the statements above.
  • If you picked A, you'll be interested to learn that the new kit is just $75! What other business can you start with that small outlay of cash?
  • If you picked B, how does over 67% off sound? That's right, the kit includes over $230 in product. Wow what a deal! Also, remember you will continue to get a great deal on all our purchases with discounts, commission and other rewards!
  • If you picked C, let me introduce you to products like Picture My Life and the Workshops Your Way. Your kit includes $50 in product credit that you can use for these products which speed up the process of creating your memory books without sacrificing beauty and style.
  • If you picked D, Jeanette and her team at Close To My Heart watch trends carefully and are amazingly accurate. In July, your kit will include a bonus pack of fundamental paper and complements that will not be released for sell until August. You are already ahead of the game!
In summary, for just $75 you get a kit filled with practical supplies plus a $50 product credit and a bonus paper pack and complements with a total retail value of over $230!

Ready? Get started now>>