Flower Market Index of Flowers by Key (Free Download)

Earlier this month, I posted an overview of the Flower Market showing all the different types of images on this fully-loaded cartridge. In addition to flowers, there are containers for flowers, backgrounds for flowers, darling images and two complete fonts! Today I'd like to focus in on the flowers. 

This weekend, I spent some time really looking at the handbook and was amazed to find detailed depictions of a few flowers that I'm familiar with. For example, here's a picture of the layered hydrangea in Design Space (p. 20 of the handbook) and a picture from my backyard.

Pretty cool likeness, right?

This made me curious about the rest of the flowers on the cartridge. So I went though each page of the handbook and looked up the main flower shown. There are actually 50 different flowers featured on the cartridge! Each one has either a 3D or layered image plus containers, backgrounds and sentiments that go along with that flower. Many have simpler versions or individual flowers vs. grouping. There is so much content on this cartridge!

Here's all of the shapes that coordinate with the hydrangea:

I looked up the meaning of a hydrangea and found a wide variety -- some good and some actually not so good. One that stood out to me was that these colorful clusters of flowers represent apology, forgiveness and gratitude. I think that's the meaning that the designer of this cartridge choose to depict with the hot air balloon, sun, fluffy flowers and "Today". 

To help you find your favorite flowers, I summarized the primary flowers on each page of the handbook (or key on the overlay) in a handy reference page that you can download for free!

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