I'm headed To Puerto Vallarta! Thank you Close To My Heart!

I'm beyond excited to be able to say "I've earned a trip to Puerto Vallarta with Close To My Heart"!

This trip includes airfare and six nights at an all inclusive resort in a tropical paradise. How amazing is that? Even better, I get to take my husband and biggest supporter with me! As a scrapbooker, I'm also excited about the "creative projects" we'll receive to use to remember all the great memories.

Although I worked hard to earn this trip, honestly, I am really just a "part timer". Even during the last few weeks in which I have focused on the final sales to qualify for the trip, I worked less than at a typical full time job. Plus, I worked around all of my other obligations including family, friends, teaching and church. I love being rewarded for doing something I love!

Today, starts a new month and a new trip earning period. The qualifications for earning the next trip which will be to Thailand was just announced. I've updated my tracking spreadsheets because I REALLY WANT to earn this one! 

As some of you know, my sister lives in Thailand and we have traveled there twice. On our first trip to Thailand in 2006, we spent over a week in Bangkok then traveled north to Chiang Mai. We fell in love with this country and it's people, culture, food, elephants and foot massages!

Our second trip was in 2014 was to Southern Thailand and included scuba diving and mountain climbing. Although this trip was a completely different experience from the first, we once again enjoyed the culture, food and massages. (Seriously, you have not had a massage until you experience a Thai massage!)

The Close To My Heart trip combines these two locales. We'll first spend three busy days seeing all the beautiful sites of Bangkok. Then we'll relax for three more days on the beaches at Phuket. I'd love to have you join me on this amazing trip. Now is the time to join my team and have 12 full months to build your business while earning this trip. 

Just a reminder, you can use hostess rewards to get your new consultant kit at a discount or for free in October.  You can learn more about it along with other reasons to join my team in October in yesterday's post.

Email me today to schedule your live or virtual party!