Create 6 pages with the Little One Cut Above Kit!

Earlier today, I posted the details of the Little One Cut Above kit as it was designed to be used. For those of you who prefer traditional scrapbooking, I've turned this kit into 3 two-page layouts by adding just a few sheets of cardstock.

You may recall that these kits include the materials needed to create one 2-page layout plus 12 cards (4" x 6") that you can put in the insert into pocket Memory Protectors along with your pictures. Although I love including pocket scrapbooking in my albums, I like to include my very favorite pictures on traditional pages. The cards include all the elements needed to create scrapbook pages: titles, embellishments (just trim them down) and journaling. 

Using the pocket cards included in the kit, plus a few sheets of White, Slate and Whisper cardstock, I created two BONUS layouts!

You are So Loved Layout

This layout was created by trimming a number of the journaling cards. The basic design of the pages started with three patterned cards which were cut into 2" x 2" blocks and stacked them across the bottom of both pages. A sentiment card ("you are so loved") was trimmed down to 4" x 4" for the title. Additional cards were trimmed to create the embellishments, jounnaling and a photo mat. 

My Sweet Baby Layout

This layout also uses a pocket card for the title ("my sweet baby"). Two additional full sized cards are used in this layout. Additional cards were trimmed to create the arrow ("on this day") and the ombre banners on each side. 

If you have any questions about these layouts, I'd be glad to send you measurements and additional tips. Comment below or drop me an email

Don't forget that the Little One Cut Above kit used for these layouts is half price during April -- just $7.48! You'll also want to check out the Forever & Always kit which is also on sale. Both of these kits retire at the end of the month (or sooner if supplies run out), so be sure to orders yours today!