8 Steps to Update Your Stamps in Evernote with the New Idea Book

Last week, I posted information about how I use Evernote to keep my stamp sets organized. If you waste time looking for your stamp sets or forego stamping all together because they are in too much of a chaos, I'd encourage you to check it out. This post is for those who use this system and update with my populated notebooks. For more information, go to my Evernote Resource Page.

As we retire an Idea Book and have a brand new one come on the scene, there are a few steps that I do to make sure my Evernote notebook matches my stamps and the physical stamps are stored nice and tidy. Start this season organized and everything else will be easier!

Step #1 

If you have not already, copy the stamps from the prior Idea Books shared notebooks (from me) to your personal notebook. If you have not already created a personal notebook, watch this video to learn how.

Step #2

Use the links embedded in the notes to access the stamp images online. Copy and paste these images into your personal copy of the notebook before they retire because the links may no longer work after July 31!  (CTMH has requested that I not include images in my shared notebook, but you can copy them into your notes for personal use.) 

Step #3

Review the retiring stamp sets from the 2016 Annual Inspirations Idea Book and order any "must haves" (shop now) before August 1.  Remember stamp sets are currently buy 2 get 1 free! To maximize your savings check out the stamps in the Seasonal Expressions 2 Idea Book which will retire on August 31. Get them while they are on sale!

Step #3

Add a tag to the notes in your personal notebook for all the stamp sets you own. My tag for this is simply "OWN".  I also tag them based on what box they are stored in "Box 1, Box 2,..."

Step #4

Tag the retiring stamp sets in your personal notebook. I also make "retired" labels for the envelope of my physical stamp sets. As a consultant, I try to use current stamp sets for blog projects so this helps remind me which stamp sets are still available.

Step #5

If you are not a subscriber, order the updated Evernote notebook! Consider the new Annual Subscription to receive timely updates for a full 12 month Idea Book cycle.

To order, do ONE Of the following:
  • Join my Close To My Heart team
  • Place an order of $25 or more on my Close To My Heart website ($60 to get a year long subscription)
  • Place an order of $50 or more in Consultant-only Workshop Samples ($120 to get a year long subscription)
  • Make a donation of $25 toward a CTMH order ($60 to get a year long subsciption). I use these funds to purchase CTMH products for local not-for-profit entities. (This option is great if you live outside of the US.)
Then fill out this form

Step #6

Once you get the email from me with links to the update, copy these new stamps into your personal notebook.

Step #7

Add any new stamp  you have purchased to your large organizers in alpha-numeric order by item number. In Evernote, add a "OWN" tag to any new stamps and "WISH" to any still on your personal wish list. 

Step #8

Tell your friends and team members who have Close To My Heart stamps about my Evernote stamps notebook! Sending them a link to last week's blog post is a great place for them to start. (THANKS!)