Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Retiring Stamp Sets + Stampaganza: Order your favorites today!

Today, I just wanted to remind you of two things:
#1.  A lot of stamp sets will be retiring at the end of July and August!
#2. Stamp sets are buy 2 get 1 free in July as part of our Stampaganza special.

These two facts together mean that NOW is the time to stop procrastinating and get your favorite stamp sets.

Retiring July 31

At the end of July, our current annual Idea Book will be retiring taking a lot of our stamp sets along with it. Here is a complete list of stamp from this book that will be no longer be available on August 1:

  • A1180 Safari Ballet
  • A1185 Friendly Wishes
  • A1193 Wreath
  • A1195 Lovely leaves
  • A1198 Hi Friend (including French & Spanish versions)
  • B1480 Diploma Day
  • B1531 Racecar Birthday
  • B1533 Circus Birthday
  • B1535 Hooked on You
  • B1541 Love Your Face
  • B1543 Get Better
  • B1547 Wedding Wishes
  • C1605 Happy to be Friends (including French & Spanish versions)
  • C1608 Brushstrokes
  • C1612 So Many Smiles
  • C1631 Brithday Princess
  • C1660 Happy for You (including French & Spanish versions)
  • C1662 Wise Guy Birthday (including French & Spanish versions)
  • C1664 Swirly Seashells
  • C1666 Homegrown
  • C1668 Baby Bundle
  • D1646 Finding the Words (including French & Spanish versions)
  • D1660 Ink Blot
  • D1667 Balloon Wishes
  • D1668 Charming Cascades
  • D1700 Way to Go
  • D1701 Plan on It
  • D1702 Capture This (including French & Spanish versions)
  • D1707 Let's Go
  • D1711 True Love
  • PLUS ALL of the mini State stamps!
All of these stamps can be seen in the "Going Soon" section of my website. 

Retiring August 31

ALL of the stamp sets in our current Seasonal Expressions book will retire on August 31. Although you have a little more time to make sure you get the ones you want, the Stampaganza special is only in July. So NOW is the best time to order your favorites.

  • A1205 Hooray
  • A1206 Scripty Thank You
  • A1208 Waitangi Day
  • A1209 Australia Day
  • C1677 Little Dreamer -- Cardmaking
  • C1678 Jack -- Cardmaking
  • C1679 No Worries -- Cardmaking
  • C1680 Summer BBQ
  • C1681 Fiesta Time
  • C1682 Prickly Pear -- Cardmaking
  • D1711 True ove
  • D1718 No Worries -- Scrapbooking
  • D1719 Camping Life
  • D1720 Keep Dreaming
  • D1721 Little Dreamer -- Scrapbooking
  • D1722 Prickly Pear -- Scrapbooking
  • D1723 Jack -- Scrapbooking
  • M1172 Today
  • M1173 Together
You can see each of these stamp sets by copying and pasting the item number or name into the search bar. Start shopping now>>

While you are shopping, don't forget about the stamp sets that are exclusely available during July.

Start shopping now>>

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