A layout to remember a special "today" in Salt Lake City

One of the highlights of the Close To My Heart convention in Salt Lake City was a tour of the Home Office. This is another one of the layouts we made at convention and it was so pretty, I reserved it for my most special photos from the tour.

In the first picture, my friend Faye and I are posing in front of a nice photo opp they had set up soon after we came into the building. The second is on the steps leading from the main entrance to the upper floors where we got to see Jeanette's office and the art studio. The final picture is in front of the picture ----- this is the "Mecca picture" for Close To My Heart consultants. It really felt like going home seeing this building that so much creative goodness flows out of. Such a memorable experience.

Because I have so many pictures of the tour, I plan to add a few Protector Plus pages between the pages of this layout. Or perhaps, I'll use Flip Flaps to layer more photos directly on the layout. I'll figure that out once I print the remaining pictures.

Although the floral accent pieces look like they were made to match the paper, they are actually stamped using the new  Beautiful You (D1741) stamp set. They are perfectly trimmed because of the coordinating thin cut set. The flowers on this stamp set are triple layered creating a lot of depth in your images.

Getting the layers lined up can be a little tricky. Once you pull the stamps off of the carrier sheet, you lose the orientation and it can be difficult to line the layers up properly. A little trick I learned from another consultant was to use a sharpie and mark the top side of each stamp BEFORE removing it from the sheet. Then when you are stamping you know which side is up and if you are consistent you will have good results. 

Here's a card using that same beautiful stamp set.

Hope you have enjoyed these projects and feel inspired to create some of your own!

Always create,