Test Your Knowledge with these My Acrylix Stamps Facts

Last week,  I posted some great tips to ensure success even if you are a new to stamping. Today, I'm going to share with you a few more facts about Close To My Heart's stamp sets. Read on to test your knowledge about clear stamping.

Image Outlines have Meaning

As you browse the stamps on my website or in the Idea Book, you may notice that some stamps have a colored outline. These are not just for decoration. Each image that is outlined in blue coordinates with Thin Cuts metal die (see sample below). Images outlined in red coordinate with one of our Cricut collections.

D1706/Z3373 School Kids

International Stamps are available in the US

Because Close To My Heart operates in several countries around the world, we have a handful of stamps that are regional specific and not in the US Idea Books. However, these stamps are available in the US on my website. I've have several of these in my collection and used them on school projects (my daughter took several years of French) and travel projects. 

Scrapbookers CAN Stamp! 

There is a tendency to link stamping with card-making, but the truth is that stamping can add so much to your pages. Many of the stamps available in the market are not made for scrapbooking. However, Close To My Heart has many stamps made just for scrapbooking. On my website, you'll find many stamps with images that are proportioned for your pages and sentiments related to memory keeping. 
D1775 Central Park - Scrapbooking

Sizing Revealed in Item Numbers

If you look at the item numbers of our stamp sets, you'll notice that they all start with a letter. This letter tells you the size of the stamp set. Specifically, it tells you the size of the carrier sheet used to hold the stamps. 

Size A stamp sets come on a carrier sheet that is 3" x 3". The carrier sheet for a size B stamp set is 4" x 4", size C is 4" x 6" and size D is 6" x 6". We sometimes refer to a size E stamp set as a "double D" because these sets fill two 6" x 6" carrier sheets. 

All of the stamps size A through E conveniently come in the same size plastic envelopes that fit perfectly in our My Acrylix Organizer and the new Designer Travel Stamp Case.

The item number for our stamps of the month is S followed by four digits representing the year and month, but are size D. So the July Stamp of the Month, Highlight Reel's number is S1807. 

Our smallest stamp sets start with an M (for "mini"). These stamps fit on a 2" x 2" block and are sold in smaller envelopes than the other sizes. The My Acrylix Mini Stamp Organizer will hold 28 of these stamp sets.

Stamp Gestation is 9 months or more

It takes 9 to 12 months for a stamp set goes from concept to available for purchase. Want to know more about the process that Close To My Heart uses to develop new stamps? 

Want still more facts? Click HERE to read Close To My Heart's post titled "19 Things You May Not Know About Our My Acrylix Stamps" in which the published the infographic above. It really is an interesting read.

So did you learn anything new about My Acrylix stamps? 

Happy Stamping,