Overview of the Artfully Sent Cricut Collection for Making Cards and More

I'm so excited that our retired Cricut image collections are now available to purchase using my special Cricut Affiliate link! In this post, I'm going to knock the dust off the a favorite collection, especially for card-makers, Artfully Sent. Join my as to learn all the features of this amazing set of images.

History and Good News

The Artfully Sent Cricut collection was first released by Close To My Heart in 2014 in a physical cartridge bundle. This is was right after Cricut released the Explore, the first machine to use Design Space, but most Cricut users still used cartridge-driven machines like the Expression. The tiny pictures in the handbook, made this collection difficult to use on these older machines but the projects are perfectly suited for today's Design Space machines. The collection retired a few years ago without being offered as a digital-only collection. When it retired, these images became unavailable to anyone who was unfortunate enough to miss out on getting this cartridge while it was available.

Last year, Close To My Heart began a new partnership with Cricut which allows all of our image collections, including retired collections like Artfully Sent, to be purchased using special links only available from Close To My Heart consultants! This is an exciting development because many of you missed these collection the first time around. This collection has so many fun projects and with the editing options now available in Design Space, the possibilities are endless!

This is the first post in a series focusing on the Close To My Heart Cricut image sets. 

An Introduction to Artfully Sent

To get started, let's watch the introductory video from 2014. Note that the stamp sets and cardstock are no longer included when you purchase the collection.

Artfully Sent Handbook and Assembly Booklet

Are you excited to see it all? With the Artfully Sent collection, you basically get hundreds of ready to cut cards, plus a full font and envelopes to put your cards in.  Click here to view the complete Artfully Sent handbook >>

The cartridge was originally packaged with an Assembly booklet which is really helpful to know how to put together the cards. Click here to view the Assembly Booklet>>

Thumbnails of Images

Below is a preview of the font and envelopes, plus each of the the five types of cards. I've also included a thumbnail of each project, however as I mentioned before, these images are really small and it's hard to see the details until you open the projects in Design Space. I've also includes links to a series of posts that I wrote when the Artfully Sent cartridge was originally released in 2014.


The Artfully Sent font has fun decorative loops which adds a unique whimsical twist to your projects. The collection includes a full font with upper-case and lower-case letters, numbers and basic symbols. Click here for a more detailed look at the font>>


The collection has 13 different fancy envelopes and optional liners. Click here for more information about the envelopes>>

Pop-up Cards

The 50 pop-up card projects have several layers including a card base, liner and icons. These complete projects are grouped which means in Design Space they are added to your canvas as a single layered image. Click here for more information about these cards >>

Build-a-Scene Cards

There are three types of build-a-scene cards: Swing, Backdrop and Tri-panel for a total of 50 projects. Click here for more information about these cards >>

Sentiment Cards

There are a whopping 100 in this set of cards. Each card has icons and/or sentiments cut into the card. For all of these, you can leave the cut outs as windows on the card, or cover the back with paper to add color to the design. You can also use the cut outs to make creative shaker window cards. Click here for more information about these cards >>

Sleeve and Overlay Cards

This next group of cards have tabs that when folded and attached create a sleeve or pocket. These can be used in a wide variety of ways including gift card holders, invitations or photos. Click here for more information about these cards >>

The overlay cards have a solid back and cut outs on the front of the card. Most of these do not have any theme, so you can dress them up to use at any occasion.

Pocket Cards

The last collection of projects are flat cards that can be put into the pockets of a divided scrapbooking memory protector. These are also great titles for your full size pages or even for the front of a greeting card. I also like that you can punch a hole in the top (or add in design space) and have an instant tag for any occasion. Click here for more information about these cards >>

Posts with additional Artfully Sent Projects

Over the years since this cartridge was first released, I've shared several projects on this blog. Click here to see all of the posts featuring Artfully Sent images >>

How to purchase as of February 2020

This cartridge was retired several years ago, but the good news is that it is back! If you never bought the physical cartridge, you can now create with these images in Design Space. You can access them  several different ways. The Artfully Sent images are now available with Cricut Access or can be purchased individually in Design Space for $1.99 for each project and $6.99 for the font. However, the best value is to purchase the full collection which includes all 700 individual images (projects plus font) for just $49.95. When you purchase the full collection, the images are yours forever, regardless of your subscription status. You can subscribe to Access or purchase the full collection on Cricut.com. (If you use the Cricut link in this post for your purchases, I'll earn a small commission. Thank You!)

Here's one more video you can watch to see even more inspiring projects made with Artfully Sent.

I hope this post has encouraged you to check out or re-familiarize yourself with this great classic collection of card-making projects.

Keep creating!