Eagle Ridge Ranch Memories using Aurora Scrapbooking Workshop

I love the pages I made with the Aurora Scrapbooking Workshop. In this post, I'll show you my the modifications I made to these pages and how I finished them off with my photos from our trip to a ranch in Idaho a couple years ago. 

One thing I LOVE about these workshops is that you can assemble them exactly like the samples, tweak to fit your pictures or use the pieces to completely do your own thing. I'm a "tweaker". Usually, I change them up to add more pictures. As you'll see when you look at my pages, I was able to fit a lot more photos without loosing the integrity of the designs. The samples for these pages had 14 photos, but my completed pages have 38! This was accomplished with minor changes to the pages and adding Flip Flaps and Pocket Plus protectors.You can see them all in the video at the end of this post. 

Before I show you the rest of my pages, let's take a look at the kit. 

The contents include:
  • Aurora Paper Packet + Sticker Sheet (X7256S)
  • Additional cardstock sheets (1 Eggplant, 1 Peacock, 1 Sage)
  • Exclusive die-cut sheets
  • Aurora Acrylic Shapes (X7256E)
  • 4 Top-load 12" × 12" Memory Protectors™ photo placeholders
  • Printed instructions
Here's a look at the sample pages that are shown in the directions for the kit.

I love these kits because they give me ready-to-assemble pages, but with the freedom to make them my own. I only made minor changes to the Fresh Air layout at the top of this post including replacing the 3" x 4" photo in the top right with a 4" x 6" --- I just couldn't crop off that beautiful scene showing the mountain top where we stayed. Since the photo mats were cut from the included piece of Eggplant cardstock, this was an easy change. 

The second single page in the workshop has an interactive spinner element. As I was assembling this page, I struggled with how to give viewer of my album access to the spinner. I considered cutting the page protector, but instead moved so that the turner is just beyond the top edge of the paper so that it extends outside of the memory protector. I rearranged the pieces further to fit four photos on the page.

For the first two-page layout, I replaced combined two 3" x 3" photos on the left side into a 3" x 6". Once again, this change was easy since the photo mats are cut from a full sheet of Peacock cardstock. On the right side, I moved the photos and journaling spot over to make room for a series of photos of the horses we enjoyed visiting on our walks. There was plenty of the Peacock paper left to create a mat for these photos too.

For the last layout, I pretty much followed the workshop guide. However, for this whole set of pages I had additional photos that I wanted to include that did not fit. I accomplished that by adding several flip flaps and using pocket plus protectors between the pages. Here's a quick video showing the completed set of pages. 

This kit includes the materials to make 6 scrapbook pages. In the kit you get a full color printed workshop guide with step-by-step directions. If you'd like more instruction on this kit, Close To My Heart is hosting a virtual workshop on June 23. Details coming soon on the Close To My Heart Facebook page

I hope this post has given you some ideas about modifying kits and patterns to fit your photos and memories. 

Keep creating!