Happiest Place Cut Above: Exclusive 12" x 12" Transformation!

If you are a 12" x 12" scrapbooker like me, you may not have thought the Happiest Place kit was for you. But with a little extra paper, you can tweek this kit to make 16 beautiful Disney-themed pages!

I'm so excited about this kit! The Cut Above page designs are perfect for 8.5" x 11" albums. Gut since all of my albums are 12' x 12", I added added base pages, the beautiful silver trimmed Coordinating cardstock plus a few extra pieces of solid cardstock to make these full size layouts. 

I kept a lot of the features that make our Cut Above workshops so great like printed papers, stickers and die-cuts that are labeled by layout number. Each of my layout uses the pieces that go with the cooresponding 8.5" x 11" layout. This means you can sort the pieces that come in the kit and follow my cutting directions to add additional pieces to each of your stacks. Once everything is cut, use the assembly guide to create each 12" x 12" layout.

Here's a closer look at the completed pages:

12" x 12" cover page

12" x 12" Layout 1

12" x 12" Layout 2

12" x 12" Layout 3

12" x 12" Layout 4

12" x 12" Layout 5

12" x 12" Layout 6

12" x 12" Layout 7

12" x 12" Back Page

The kit includes several Flap Flaps. If you have not used these before you will fall in love. The guide that comes in the kit includes directions for placing them on your finished pages. You can follow those steps even if you make the 12" x 12" pages. I did use a few of the pieces shown in the flip flaps when I redesigned the pages, but that just leaves more room for your photos -- we always have more photos don't we?

Speaking of more photos, even though these pages have more area thatn the originals, I did not add additional photos. I wanted to keep the directions simple, but there is certainly room on most of the pages for another photo or two. You will have extra cardstock left if you want to cut mats for those pictures. 

To complete the kit you will need:
*The Cut Above Workshop and Coordinating Cardstock are included in the Happiest Place Product bundle which is 20% off retail during July. So check it out because if you can use the additional items in the bundle (most likely you can), that is the better deal.

I'm so excited to add these layouts to my albums. We are definitely a Disney family and I have a couple trips that I have not finished scrapbooking. However, I didn't want to delay getting these directions to you, so I will be adding my photos later. A great thing about this kit is that it includes white photo place holders so you can add your photos later. I like to trim my photos an extra 1/4" smaller so that the place holder becomes a photo mat.

Have fun creating!